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Scum – Gospels For The Sick Review

Does the name Amicuss ring a bell? That was the name given to the much anticipated project of Phil Anselmo, Killjoy (Necrophagia), and Casey Chaos (Amen). Unfortunately, a professional falling out between Anselmo and Killjoy,

Midnight – Complete And Total Fucking Midnight Review

Originally written by Nin Chan WUARGHHHH THIS BAND RULES!!!!! I had never even HEARD of these bastards till some rabid metalhead mentioned them on the Barbarian Wrath message board, and having been blown away by

Wednesday 13 – Transylvania 90210: Songs Of Death, Dying, and the Dead Review

So, just what is a restless frontman to do when his band goes on hiatus? Many times, they’ll go and record a solo album. This can go one of two ways: either it will sound

Cursed – Two

Originally written by Drew Ailes Imagine my surprise when one of my more highly regarded and anticipated albums of 2005 happens to float through the Metalreview.com doors and right into my greasy fingers. You know

Napalm Death – Leaders Not Followers: Part 2 Review

Originally written by Drew Ailes Kicking off with a Cryptic Slaughter cover, how can an album possibly go wrong? It can’t. Napalm Death, a band that could be paid tribute to themselves, cover a variety of classic punk,

Devil’s Whorehouse – Revelation Unorthodox Review

Considering how often I bitch about things that obviously sound precisely like other things the following review should make everyone cry “hypocrite” and complain and whine and bitch and cry. Which is aces with me.

Impaled Nazarene – All That You Fear Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas I’m ashamed to say that after 13 years and eight albums, this is my first experience with Finland’s (if not Europe’s) black metal elder statesman, well at least you won’t

Phobia – Serenity Through Pain Review

Originally written by Ryan Plunkett Through 10 years of perseverance, Phobia arrives with their latest effort, entitled Serenity Through Pain. Taking influence from hardcore punk and early grind, they create their own blend of crust-fueled