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La Fragua Del Fin Del Mundo: Thirteen Spells Of Chilean Witching Metal

Part I: The End Of The World Chile is nestled between giants. Towering in the east are the Andes, the longest mountain range in the world, and the largest in the Western Hemisphere. To the

Best Of 2019 – Zach Duvall: A Grand Declaration Of WAR

After the turn of the millennium, professional baseball transitioned into what is now known as the sabermetrics era. Basically, those running the game began paying attention to more detailed ways of slicing up statistics, so

Manny-O-War’s Best Of 2016 – The Death Of Angels

It seems like last year fans of loud music sat around talking about how the world had gone to shit and the only thing saving us from mental annihilation was quality heavy metal. Imagine if

Ripper – Experiment Of Existence Review

The heyday of thrash existed during a time when metal bands still had an outside chance of making a meager living off their talents. This moderate level of success, or rather the possibility of that

Titular Homogeneity – Halloween

Ain’t no doubtin’ it, Halloween is Heavy Metal’s holiday. So given it’s that time of year, round two of Titular Homogeneity is inspired by and dedicated to Samhain; the annual Satanic Saturnalia; the balls out