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Best Of 2023: Andrew Edmunds – I Used To Be Indecisive, But Now I’m Not Sure

So the stupid title that I gave this thing is both a terrible dad joke and a sad truth, in the sense of that, whenever I’m compelled to make these year-end lists (which seems to

Rotten Sound – Apocalypse Review

As I was winding up to write this review, I ran into one of my fellow Last Rites scribblers by the coffee machine in the break room. Turns out, he had been listening to this

Last Rites Presents: Our Most Anticipated Albums Of 2023, Part 1

Now that we’ve wrapped up looking backwards at 2022, and now that we’ve put away the Christmas albums*, it’s time to focus on the future, and we always start that process by thinking about all

Best Of 2018 – Andrew Edmunds: Clever Title?! I Barely KNOW Her Title!

2018 was a very strange year for me. I started the year with an intracranial hemorrhage (I’m fully recovered now, thanks) and ended the year with a marriage (she may never fully recover, thanks). Through

Rotten Sound – Suffer To Abuse Review

All new Rotten Sound is always a cause for celebration. This six-song, twelve-minute EP comes two years after the band’s last full-length, Abuse To Suffer, and it’s clearly titled as that album’s inverse, so it’s

Andrew Edmunds’ Best Of 2016 – Let’s Put This Year Behind Us

Christ, what a terrible terrible terrible year. I’m glad this one’s behind us. Between the deaths of so many greats and the interminable American presidential election, 2016 was an insufferably brutal year. (Let’s not speak

Rotten Sound – Abuse To Suffer Review

It’s been five years since the last Rotten Sound full-length, 2011’s killer Cursed, and three years since the eight-minute follow-up blast of Species At War. Both of those releases firmly cemented Rotten Sound’s place among

Rotten Sound – Species At War Review

Species At War is eight minutes of rapid-fire, rabid, and fiery grinding, a six-song stopgap to fan the flames before the next full-length firestorm from a band that’s currently at the top of the grindcore