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Reveal! – Scissorgod Review

If you can decipher precisely what the plop is happening on the cover art for Scissorgod, the third full length from Sweden’s Reveal!, then you either have a keener artistic eye than most or you’re

Concrete Winds – Primitive Force Review

Concrete Winds is a rude band, and debut Primitive Force is an incredibly rude record. This is the type of music Lemmy was thinking of when he said your lawn would die if Motörhead moved

Funereal Presence – Achatius Review

New York-by-way-of-Germany black metal act Funereal Presence is another in the long line of projects that will remind listeners of many bands while sounding like none of them. Considering that the one band member –

Necros Christos – Domedon Doxomedon Review

The joke around the Last Rites water cooler (which is filled with Stiggins’ Plantation, Fancy Pineapple Rum) was that we would treat Domedon Doxomedon with a Fast Rites because, let’s face it, brevity, while often

Vorum – Current Mouth Review

Vorum‘s brand-new EP spends exactly zero time fucking around. Not a single wasted riff, beat, break, yell, or solo; zero-point-goddamned-zero seconds of fucking around. From the first moment of “Angels Death” to the last squalling

Necros Christos – Triune Impurity Rites Review

I like my death metal how I like my cavewomen: filthy, filthy and fil-thay. Give me death metal that sounds like it was birthed from a flat-headed, hammer-jawed mongoloid from Hell who spends half his