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Seax – Fallout Rituals Review

Ah, speed… Some of us are built for it; some of us have a need for it. And way back some thirty years ago, it was one of the most important criteria by which a

Pale Divine – Pale Divine Review

In terms of what’s currently in vogue, no branch of metal has wandered further from its roots than doom. As an illustration to that point, if one were to poll a random group of metal

Nachash – Phantasmal Triunity Review

A lot of extreme metal isn’t particularly, well, extreme. Melody, sheen, and progressive elements might end up dominating, or maybe there’s a tendency to lift a bunch of NWOBHM riffs, leaving some screeching dude as

Speedclaw – Beast In The Mist Review

The framework for speed metal was founded in the whiskey-soaked throat of Ian Fraser Kilmister back in the mid-70s. His bass slung around his left shoulder, picking quickly the classic blues patterns that made rock

Altar of Oblivion – Barren Grounds Review

Doomed Thursday continues… One week ago today, it was the feel-good buzz of Beelzefuzz. The week before, the leveling debut from Wretch. And really, those are just two pieces of a greater puzzle revealing the

Lucifer’s Hammer – Beyond The Omens Review

A lot of “Traditional Heavy Metal” bands come pretty much pre-packaged and ready to go by record labels. Polished, easy to market, and ready for their 15 minutes of “fame.” But it is often the

Ironsword – None But The Brave Review

If you have at least one working eye and even a general knowledge of what’s going on in metal, you can probably guess what’s on tap here based purely on the cover artwork alone. And

Johnny Touch – Inner City Wolves Review

“Is that Wendy O. Williams riding a giant wolf through a post-apocalyptic, urban wasteland? Sign me the fuck up!” Such were my thoughts upon seeing the gloriously retro cover art to Johnny Touch’s debut Inner