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Exterminator! – You Need The Service? Review

Aotearoa New Zealand trio Exterminator! aren’t a punk band, per se. However, the Te Whanganui-a-Tara (Wellington) band’s tar-thick sludge was born in the squalid depths of their hometown’s DIY punk scene. In the same way

Blue Heron – Ephemeral Review

I ride a commuter train into downtown Chicago to get to my office. (Yes, I am going somewhere with this.) Several years ago – likely late 2019 or very early 2020 – there was a

Backslider – Psychic Rot Review

At the place where Powerviolence Alley runs into Grindcore Blvd, just between Hardcore Street and Sludge Avenue, a block or three from Psychedelia Place, there’s a dingy basement rehearsal space filled with smoke and cockroaches

Missing Pieces: The Best Of What We Missed In 2021 So Far, Volume 3

This is Part 3 of our 2021 Missing Pieces series, in which we offer praise to some great stuff we missed during the initial press cycles. Have a gander at Part 1 and Part 2

Slund – Slundanoid Review

Hey, man, is that one-man Slovenian sludge-grind? Well, turn it up… Until recently, my exposure to Slovenia’s Slund has been limited to their (his) half of a 2018 split with the ever-reliable Agathocles, whose unstoppable

Eyehategod – A History Of Nomadic Behavior Review

I’ve spent quite a lot of time revisiting Eyehategod in the past few weeks — more than I’ve listened to them in probably a decade, I must admit, and maybe longer. As I listen to

Black Sheep Wall – Songs For The Enamel Queen Review

[Cover art by Jeff Rogers] Various forms of the word punish show up in heavy music reviews on a regular basis. Considering it’s a style of music founded on distortion and noise that was created