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Judas Priest – Firepower Review

Greetings, fellow acolytes of the great Judas Priest! And welcome to the very first ever Judas Priest Week here at Last Rites. All week, we’ll be honoring one of the all time greats in various

Fast Rites – Volume 7: The One (Mad)Man Binge and Purge

There were a number of albums that came across my desk as I pondered what I would follow up my review of Prong’s latest with. Some garnered more interest than others; some were destined to

Helloween – Straight Out Of Hell Review

Generally speaking, heavy metal isn’t happy music – it’s fueled by aggression, anger, frustration, depression, misery; it tends toward an obsession with darkness, violence, and evil; it’s almost always loud, and it’s as often ugly.

Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier Review

The Number of the Beast was the first heavy metal album I ever bought (on cassette from Fred Meyer’s at Lloyd Center Mall in Portland, Oregon, during the summer of 1982). Even though Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier Review

Andrew Edmund’s take: Since there will never be another Queen album, there is no band whose new records I await with greater anticipation than those of Iron Maiden. Maiden was the band that first brought

Helloween – Unarmed: Best Of – 25th Anniversary Review

This is truly a tale that wasn’t right… Helloween fans, I ask you these: have you ever wondered what “Dr. Stein” would sound like with an 80s Glenn Frey sax lead? Ever wished “Halloween” and

Judas Priest – Angel Of Retribution Review

“What have you achieved? Now you’re old. Did you fulfill ambition?”–“Run of the Mill”, 1974 “The Painkiller rises again”–“Demonizer”, 2005 The wait is over. After fifteen years, Judas Priest has given the fans what they want. Few