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Diamonds & Rust: Sodom – Agent Orange

[Album artwork: Andreas Marschall] Gelsenkirchen, Germany, early 1980s: A young Thomas Such finds himself not particularly taken with the notion of spending a perfectly good life buried in the depths of the local coal mines.

Sodom – Decision Day Review

Let’s shoot straight here: If you are even a casual Sodom fan,  you probably have a good idea of what Sodom’s latest album, Decision Day, sounds like without even hearing it. Sodom might not be

Vicious Rumors – Concussion Protocol Review

American power metal institution Vicious Rumors hits the dozen mark with this latest full-length, thirty-one years after their classic debut on 1985’s Soldiers Of The Night. Now as then, the band straddles the line between

Prong – X – No Absolutes Review

I feel like I’ve been here before, but I don’t think I’ve ever been here with Prong. In retrospect, that’s surprising. Oh, sorry – got a bit ahead of myself. I’ve talked about Prong quite

Prong – Songs From the Black Hole Review

So we’re almost a month removed from the release of this collection of covers from alterna-industrial-hardcore-metal machine known as Prong. That means that anybody who cares has already bought it, heard it, or disregarded it

UFO – A Conspiracy Of Stars Review

If you’ve been ardently reading everything I’ve written over the past however many years – and let’s be honest, of course you have – you’re already aware that I’m a pretty big fan of these

Alpha Tiger – iDentity Review

Hulk Hogan tells a story wherein he gets a voicemail from his agent saying that he has two products up for endorsement – a grill and a mixer – and to call him back quickly

Riot – Unleash The Fire Review

In January of 2012, the metal world lost a giant when Riot guitarist and mainstay Mark Reale passed away after a long struggle with Crohn’s disease. Reale had been Riot’s sole consistent member through the