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Missing Pieces 2019: The Best Of What We’ve Missed So Far, Part 1

Here at Last Rites, we listen to a metric shit-ton of heavy metal—it’s just what we do. But every year there’s so much great metal that we simply don’t have time to cover it all…

Sacred Guardian – Sacred Guardian Review

Sacred Guardian’s debut album is a case study in the importance of managing listener expectations. Take a minute, if you will, and examine that cover art. Warrior standing atop a crumbling castle wall? Check. Fierce-looking

Cold Steel – 20 Years Of NY Thrash – The Demo Anthology Review

Long-forgotten New York thrash act Cold Steel gets the demo compilation treatment with Stormspell’s 20 Years Of NY Thrash, which brings together all the tracks from 1988’s Dead By Dawn and Scarred For Life alongside

Midnight Priest – Midnight Priest Review

Move over, female-fronted occult doom/rock, there’s a new old thing in town, and its name is obnoxious throwback NWOBHM (or should that be OTNWOBHM, then?). (Sidebar: the fact that Christian Mistress neatly evades both of

Vhäldemar – Metal Of The World Review

Spanish power metal act Vhäldemar has clearly taken much inspiration from their Teutonic cousins to the northeast – quite simply, they couldn’t sound a whole lot more German unless they were chanting “Deustchland Uber Alles”

Spectral Incursion – Anthology Review

No matter what degree black-belt of heavy metal you consider yourself, there will always be bands that manage to slip through the cracks. And honestly, that’s one of the key factors that makes me so

Slander – Careless Talk Costs Lives Review

In some ways, Slander is band without a time. Formed in 1990, they self-released this album initially in 1991, and now they’re re-releasing it with bonus material twenty years later, thanks to Stormspell Records. But

Noctum – The Seance Review

Remember Witchcraft? That band was all the rage in the middle of the last decade, and I thought Witchcraft’s retro-doom/rock was some pretty hot shit, myself. Sadly, nary a peep has been heard from Witchcraft