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Diamonds & Rust: Blood Money – Red, Raw And Bleeding! + Battlescarred

It is nigh-impossible to discuss the early days of heavy metal–especially in the U.K.–without at least mentioning the socio-economic conditions that allowed it to multiply like bacteria in a warm, damp Petri dish. From the

Altari – Kröflueldar Review

[Cover art by Altari guitarist K.R.Guðmundsson] In the press materials for Kröflueldar, the full length debut from Iceland’s Altari, the band jokes that because the record took nine years to make, they named it after

No Spill Blood – Eye Of Night Review

Perhaps you would agree that there are many ways for a band to be good. (If you do not agree, that is okay. But why start off on such a disagreeable footing?) There are two

Serpentent – Mother Of Light Review

[Cover artwork by Anne K. O’Neill] —The sounds of a heaving ocean joined by the familiar creak of a gnarled ship // An ol’ sea dog barely lit by a weary lantern flame recounts a

Kaleidobolt – This One Simple Trick Review

As Monty Python would say, and now for something completely different. Metal is a wonderfully massive umbrella term that covers an astounding variety of musical styles to suit nearly any mood. We use it to

I Am the Night ‒ While the Gods Are Sleeping Review

[Cover art by Kristian “Necrolord” Wåhlin] The Grand World of Heavy Metal Music is no stranger to works of tribute, typically to an era or sound or Days of Yore, but sometimes bands zero in

Messa – Close Review

If I were forced to pick a single word to describe Messa’s third album, Close – just one word – it would be patient. Don’t mistake me: Messa’s doom is not slow or directionless or

Deathbell – A Nocturnal Crossing Review

[Cover artwork by Adam Burke at Nightjar Illustration] France’s Deathbell broke convention and tossed the idea of a sophomore slump right on its ass. Where 2018’s debut, With the Beyond, was a fine reiteration of