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Hell – Human Remains Review

A childhood spent over-indulging in the royal bombast of the King (Diamond) and Queen has left me with a long-lasting love of the theatrical; years of love for prog-rock have given me a liking for

Septic Flesh – The Great Mass Review

We all experience music differently. Most of that ought to be put down to genre preferences, listening habits, level of intoxication, and so forth, but you can’t necessarily pin it all on these subjective factors.

Saille – Irreversible Decay Review

It is no small secret that symphonic black metal has been in a lull for several years now. Really, calling it a lull is far too nice. A more accurate statement would be to say

Immanifest – Qliphotic Review

There’s something strangely refreshing about coming across a band in this day and age that doesn’t give a toss about trends or trying to push heavy metal into unexplored territory. Case in point: Tampa, Florida’s

Grave Digger – The Ballad Of Mary Review

Last year’s The Clans Will Rise Again served as something of a sequel to 1996’s Tunes Of War, continuing the Scottish-history theme that Grave Digger began on that earlier album. Again furthering the band’s return

The Ocean – Anthropocentric Review

The Ocean is back with its follow up to this year’s Heliocentric, an album that may have surprised the lot of you due to its emphasis on the more orchestral side of the band as

Dimmu Borgir – Abrahadabra Review

originally written by Erik Thomas Here’s album number nine from Dimmu Borgir, and here’s another chance for the masses to divide and argue over the bands style, output and imagery. And it would certainly be easy