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DeathgraVe – So Real, It’s Now Review

If you’ve spent ample time with a discerning ear placed to the underground of the extreme music world located on the western seaboard of these United States, perhaps you’ve come across DeathgraVe. Then again, maybe

Mortuous – Through Wilderness Review

Let’s talk about putridity, friend. More specifically, whether or not you enjoy putridity enough to celebrate it in your life. You may think you do, considering the fact that you once managed to sit through

Necrot – Blood Offerings Review

I’m not sure what you, dear reader, want out of your heavy metal, but I’m in this for the riffs. To me, good riffs are the foundation of good heavy metal. What makes a riff

Ghoul – Dungeon Bastards Review

Ghoul. Who are they? What are they? Why are they? What can we do about them? They…it…are…is… a travelling metal sideshow. And like a sideshow the performers come and go, the quality depends on how


Victims – Sirens Review

Swedes have forever been at the forefront of the d-beat movement, taking inspiration from the incomparably influential Discharge with bands like Rude Kids, KSMB (En Slemmig Torsk), Missbrukarna and Mob 47 (to name a few). Historically, the Swedish

Necrot – The Labyrinth Review

Punishing, savage, treacherous, merciless, bloodthirsty, bulldozing, butchering, buzz-sawing, spine-rupturing, bludgeoning, battering, primitive, old-school: All descriptors that threw all-too familiar punches toward the eyes, sternum and gut as I read the accompanying email for this promo.

Ghoul – Hang Ten Review

Ghoul has an EP of surf rock/metal hybrid songs. It’s fun for about a minute, and then it pretty much sucks. Behold, a conversation I had with Jordan Campbell… JORDAN: Uhhh… Chris? ME: Huh? JORDAN: This

Cannabis Corpse – Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell Honestly, you’d be forgiven for dismissing Cannabis Corpse before hearing a single note. Such judgment wouldn’t be rash or irrational; of the numerous, not-at-all-universal truths that have been kinda-proven throughout the course