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Replicant – Infinite Mortality Review

[Cover art by Alli Tuttle] Have you ever hung out with a dumb, smart person? You know, the kind of person that will blow your mind by saying one of the most compellingly intelligent things

Defect Designer – Chitin Review

[Cover art by Ian Miller] Here’s a one-image review of Chitin, the latest full length from Defect Designer: Oh, do you require more information? Okie dokie. Here we go… Defect Designer’s lineup has shifted considerably

Dissimulator – Lower Form Resistance Review

[Artwork by Jesse Draxler] Being three heavy metal fans from Montreal, Quebec, Dissimulator grew up listening to Voivod, who is the most obvious influence at play on the band’s debut album, Lower Form Resistance, and

Sovereign – Altered Realities Review

[AWESOME cover art by Skaðvaldur] Sovereign is a thrashy band from Norway. They intermingle with other thrashy bands from Norway (one member has even played live with scene kings Nekormantheon). But Sovereign does not necessarily

Best Of 2023 – Captain: Have You Heard The Good Word About Clunky Clock Radios And Power Metal, Brothers And Sisters??

I grew up in a very music friendly household. Both my parents were (and continue to be) music obsessive, and any time we were home and the TV wasn’t on, chances were pretty good you’d

Xoth – Exogalactic Review

Friend, thank you for answering the door. This night is a blustery one and cold. I recognize that your time is valuable. With that in mind, I would like to walk you through this straightforward

Hebephrenique – Non Compos Mentis Review

Considering the militant sound of certain types of industrial and black metals, it’s surprising that we don’t hear more of the merging of the two. The heyday was likely in the late 90s and early

Suffocation – Hymns From The Apocrypha Review

Many moons ago, whilst we were drinking beer in the parking lot before a Suffocation concert, my buddy absentmindedly posed the question, “Is Suffocation the best-ever death metal band?” And of course, the discussion of