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Xoth – Exogalactic Review

Friend, thank you for answering the door. This night is a blustery one and cold. I recognize that your time is valuable. With that in mind, I would like to walk you through this straightforward

Hebephrenique – Non Compos Mentis Review

Considering the militant sound of certain types of industrial and black metals, it’s surprising that we don’t hear more of the merging of the two. The heyday was likely in the late 90s and early

Suffocation – Hymns From The Apocrypha Review

Many moons ago, whilst we were drinking beer in the parking lot before a Suffocation concert, my buddy absentmindedly posed the question, “Is Suffocation the best-ever death metal band?” And of course, the discussion of

Blast Rites: Cognizant – Inexorable Nature Of Adversity Review

Seven long years ago, these Texan tech-grinders released their self-titled debut, an absolutely blistering blastfest of twisted riffing, relentless pummeling, and unstoppable intensity. That one felt futuristic, born of a similar almost sci-fi-sounding sharpness akin

Blood Oath – Lost In An Eternal Silence Review

[Cover art by Nox Fragor Art] We here at Last Rites are big believers in Chilean metal, with Mr. Tysinger in particular championing the scene. Something really tying a lot of the active acts together,

Bekor Qilish – The Flesh Of A New God Review

If you’ve ever spent time talking with someone about music that is progressive or highly technical, there’s a good chance you’ve had an interaction like this: [You]: Hey, have you heard the new album from

A Devil’s Dozen – Defeated Sanity

Germany’s Defeated Sanity remains one of the heaviest and most brutal death metal acts currently lingering on our pissed off planet. As such, I wish I had a dramatic story to unfurl concerning my first

Pestifer – Defeat Of The Nemesis Review

[Cover art by David Caryn] Nothing quite reminds you of the vastness of the musical universe like finding a new-to-you band that is decidedly not new. My initial spin of Pestifer’s new EP Defeat of