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Suffocation – Hymns From The Apocrypha Review

Many moons ago, whilst we were drinking beer in the parking lot before a Suffocation concert, my buddy absentmindedly posed the question, “Is Suffocation the best-ever death metal band?” And of course, the discussion of

Blast Rites: Cognizant – Inexorable Nature Of Adversity Review

Seven long years ago, these Texan tech-grinders released their self-titled debut, an absolutely blistering blastfest of twisted riffing, relentless pummeling, and unstoppable intensity. That one felt futuristic, born of a similar almost sci-fi-sounding sharpness akin

Blood Oath – Lost In An Eternal Silence Review

[Cover art by Nox Fragor Art] We here at Last Rites are big believers in Chilean metal, with Mr. Tysinger in particular championing the scene. Something really tying a lot of the active acts together,

Bekor Qilish – The Flesh Of A New God Review

If you’ve ever spent time talking with someone about music that is progressive or highly technical, there’s a good chance you’ve had an interaction like this: [You]: Hey, have you heard the new album from

A Devil’s Dozen – Defeated Sanity

Germany’s Defeated Sanity remains one of the heaviest and most brutal death metal acts currently lingering on our pissed off planet. As such, I wish I had a dramatic story to unfurl concerning my first

Pestifer – Defeat Of The Nemesis Review

[Cover art by David Caryn] Nothing quite reminds you of the vastness of the musical universe like finding a new-to-you band that is decidedly not new. My initial spin of Pestifer’s new EP Defeat of

Gorod – The Orb Review

Let’s begin with a question that might seem a little academic: Do you need your death metal to make sense? Of course, to the complete outsider, nothing about death metal makes any sense at all,

Silurian – End Of Ordovicia Review

Fast Rites: because sometimes brevity is fundamental. When your band pedigree includes members of tech-heads Obsolete, dissonant death metallers Sunless, black/death churners Suffering Hour, and several others, you’re probably creating both a certain level of