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Owl – Nights In Distortion

Over the course of a couple full lengths and several EPs, Germany’s Owl has delivered a blend of synth-heavy ambient and dark, morose doom/death, never twice bringing the same mix or balance of the band’s

With The End In Mind – Unraveling; Arising Review

Originally released independently in 2016, Unraveling; Arising is the debut full length of Olympia’s With the End in Mind. The project is the sole vision – if not quite sole execution – of Alex Freilich,

Valborg – Romantik Review

After a few albums that mixed their signature doom/death/dark-plus-Celtic Frost-on-an-80s-goth-binge metal with some wondrous throws out of left field, Germany’s Valborg delivered an album that was, well, rather straightforward in 2012’s Nekrodepression. Of course, it

Echtra – Paragate Review

originally written by Juho Mikkonen Artists like Echtra are somewhat of a tough pill to swallow for most of the garden variety, denim-vested music buffs. This American one-man band, crafting obscure droning soundscapes in 23-minute