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Track Premiere: Ceremonial Bloodbath – “The Boneless One”

[Cover art by Matt Sidney] Who is The Boneless One? Is it Garry Scott Davis aka GSD, the inventor of the frontside front foot plant done while skating transitions? Or perhaps Jeff Phillips, who also

Track Premiere: Egregore – “Birth Of Death”

[Artwork by Lev Y.S.] There have been quite a few bands from the Carcass school making some fantastic music as of late. While this year has been fairly quiet in that department, bands like Pharmacist,

Track Premiere: Shadows – Night Stalker

“Nightstalker,” the opening track off the forthcoming Out For Blood, emerges from a twilight mist. The rustle of wind in the trees and the cawing of crows set the stage. The soft guitar strums a

Track Premiere: Prophetic Suffering – “The Suffering”

Whether it’s called war metal or bestial black metal (or if you’ve come up with a fairly pedantic set of parameters to separate the two), there’s no denying Canada certainly has a hell of a

Track Premiere: Cryptae – “Pearl”

There was this kid in my fourth (maybe fifth?) grade class who was smart–I mean exceptionally smart. Xavier was very well spoken, well-read for his age, and extremely intelligent. The teachers mostly left him alone as

Track Premiere: Vessel Of Iniquity – “Blood Magic”

Noise is guerrilla music. Like the original spirits of black metal, reggae, jazz, punk, and hip-hop, it’s born of a reactionary nature. It scavanges, using the weapons and methods of existing expression and warping them

Track Premiere: Exaltation – “Ascension”

New Zealand’s Exaltation have been smoldering in reclusion since releasing their first demo back in 2017.  A promising slab of putrid death that falls somewhere between the demonic symphonies of Incantation and the punchier attack

Track Premiere: Chaos Perversion – “Entangled In The Roots Of Death”

If you dig deep enough, there are about as many interpretations of black metal as there are black metal bands. Regardless of the details, at its core, black metal is about conflict. Man vs nature,