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We Have The Power – The Top 25 Power And Power-Related Albums Of 2023

KAPOW!!! By some inscrutable sorcery fired from far beyond our most mystical and impressive mountains, another year has managed to pass, and with it comes yet another call to power arms! So, yes, by all

Mortuary Drape – Black Mirror Review

[Artwork by Chris Kiesling / Misanthropic-Art] “Italians Do It Better:” A phrase worn on Madonna’s shirt in the 1986 video “Papa Don’t Preach.” Italians Do It Better: Also the name of Johnny Jewel’s all-analog, Italo disco

Krypta – Outo Laakso Review

Finland’s Krypta is a new project of Henri Seger, who’s taken a break from his main trad metal gig, Tyrantti, to make some occult rock-and-roll. I’m pretty happy that the retro-metal and -rock trend has

Melissa Is Still With Us: A Classic Turns 40

[Cover artwork by Thomas Holm] Many, many moons ago, on a notably cold night in late October, two teenage friends who’d recently had a falling out decided to bury the hatchet by hitting a haunted

Legendry – Time Immortal Wept Review

There’s something to a well-worn paperback, creased from excursions to the beach, its binding bent and crinkled from adventures to the laundromat, its edges frayed from being swiftly and hastily stashed in the glove compartment,

Malokarpatan – Vertumnus Caesar Review

[Cover art by Astrid Bergdahl] Malokarpatan is an incredibly rare breed of band. Not so much in style, as their medieval, folklore-charged, melodic and progressive black metal isn’t all too rare over metal’s history, but

Moonlight Sorcery – Horned Lord Of The Thorned Castle Review

[Artwork by Linda “Forestrolli” Piekäinen] As some of you may know, I spent the better part of the entire summer listening to little else than power metal in preparation for The Top Power Metal Albums

Vórtize – Desde Bajo Tierra Review

Vórtize tapped into something special with 2022’s debut album, ¡Tienes Que Luchar!. A traditional heavy metal solo project of Valparaíso, Chile’s Javier “Heavier Mortiz” Ortiz (also of Nube Negra bands Demoniac and Oldeath), the album