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Sacred Outcry – Towers Of Gold Review

[Album artwork and concept by George Apalodimas] There is a scene early on in the film Conan the Barbarian that centers around the death of Conan’s mother, Greshan, at the hands of Thulsa Doom, and

Track Premiere: Shadows – Night Stalker

“Nightstalker,” the opening track off the forthcoming Out For Blood, emerges from a twilight mist. The rustle of wind in the trees and the cawing of crows set the stage. The soft guitar strums a

Triumpher – Storming The Walls Review

Has anyone ever asked you the seemingly basic question, “Why do you like heavy metal?” Sometimes that question comes from a place of disgust, as in, “How can you listen to all that noise?” Sometimes

Gatekeeper – From Western Shores Review

[Artwork by the incomparable Duncan Storr] There is a forever discussion that goes on behind closed doors within the Last Rites Crew Discord concerning the Star Trek universe and whether or not the latest iterations

Best Of 2022 – Chris C.: Special Tunes From Metal Goons

We live in strange times—said everyone, ever, right now. Like literally everyone. No one has not said this. Even the strange people contributing to said strangeness recognize these are strange times in their own strange

We Have The Power – The Top 30 Power Metal And Power-Related Albums Of 2022

Heartfelt hails, salutes, subtle nods and solemn bows, all you heroes and villains. As implausible as it may seem, it’s time once again to dust off our helms, spot clean those cravats, fluff those poet

Diamonds & Rust: 35 Years Of King Diamond’s Abigail

[Cover artwork by Studio Dzyan // Thomas Holm, Torbjörn Jörgenson] July 7, 1777: An individual called Count de LaFey hurls his pregnant wife down a flight of stairs upon discovering the unborn child she carries

Konquest – Time And Tyranny Review

One-person bands in the metal sphere regularly navigate a very challenging landscape. More often than not, this very subject immediately brings to mind black metal and a near endless motorcade of individuals hoping to make