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Fer De Lance – The Hyperborean Review

[Artwork by Adam Burke / Nightjar Illustration] Listening to the debut full-length from Chicago’s Fer de Lance is akin to witnessing the epic origin story for the US interpretation of Germany’s Atlantean Kodex, but with

Satan – Earth Infernal Review

[Cover art by Eliran Kantor] The Court in the Act lineup of Satan has now been back together for over a decade, and the quality of their studio output in this time has been as

Iron Griffin’s Storm Of Magic: One More Case For True Metal

[Cover artwork by Oskari Räsänen] Iron Griffin’s Storm of Magic is one of the mightiest true metal albums you’ll encounter in 2022. [[KLAXON]] Just what the hell do you mean by “true” metal, you bastard.

Luzifer – Iron Shackles Review

“But metal must be evil!” they wailed, fingers clutching their obsidian pearls. “It’s about darkness and despair!” they protested, all the while missing the true power that lies within the heart of the music. Certainly, heavy

Sanhedrin – Lights On Review

[Artwork by SeventhBell / Jack Welch] We all have those certain bands we champion like heroes and attempt to push into the lives of virtually anyone lucky enough to coexist in our sphere. And when

Diamonds & Rust: Voivod – Dimension Hatröss

Side…Prolog… 1. Experiment [6:10] 2. Tribal Convictions [4:52] 3. Chaosmöngers [4:39] 4. Technocratic Manipulators [4:35] Side…Epilog… 5. Macrosolutions to Megaproblems [5:33] 6. Brain Scan [5:08] 7. Psychic Vacuum [3:49] 8. Cosmic Drama [4:54] We all

Saxon – Carpe Diem Review

I’m tempted to open this particular scribbling with some proclamation like, “Saxon probably shouldn’t be making albums this strong this late in their career.” But then again, who am I to say what a metal

Kontact – First Contact Review

[Cover artwork by Héloïse Merlin] Where were you when the world’s hottest new doomsday cult slipped into their fresh Keds and velour tracksuits, shimmied down an obscured underground passageway into the basement of the Great