Tag: Transcending Obscurity

Ernia – How To Deal With Life And Fail Review

[Cover art by Xabier Sagasta] The orthodoxy of grindcore means that pushing too far away from the core will often lead to a band no longer being considered part of the genre (see: Wake). That

Defect Designer – Neanderthal Review

Here’s an undeniably sexy way to start a review of some heavy metal music: sometimes what ends up shaping one’s impression of a piece of music is dictated much more by the frame of reference

Dischordia – Triptych Review

[Cover Art by Gianna Martucci-Fink] Metal has long been a bastion of experimentation and that has become ever more true as technology progresses. While pushing genre boundaries and creating new sounds can certainly be achieved

Abscession – Rot Of Ages Review

Put simply, Rot of Ages finds the buzzsaw in good hands. It won’t bowl you over with inventiveness. But a good bowl-over will be had nonetheless. Good editing is at least half the battle when

Monument Of Misanthropy – Unterweger Review

Even ignoring that it’s a concept album about an Austrian serial killer, no one who has had the benefit of looking at Unterweger’s cover art would be surprised to learn that Monument of Misanthropy plays

Replicant ‒ Malignant Reality Review

There’s something to be said for finding a core sound and generally sticking within its bounds. No one expects Cannibal Corpse to suddenly start adding power metal vocals any more than they’d expect Blind Guardian

Fetid Zombie – Transmutations Review

[Cover art by Mark Riddick] Supergroups are certainly a common occurrence in the world of music. Granted, the term is often bandied about more generously than it should be. Just because two members of a

Diskord – Degenerations Review

Friend, I don’t know how your brain works. For me, the most unsupported, errant thought will sometimes get stuck up in there like Phineas Gage at a magnetic cocaine party. A lyric reminds you of