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Altar Of Betelgeuze – Among The Ruins Review

In my years of metal fandom I’ve heard my share of genre mish-mashes, but stoner-doom-death is a new one for me. Finland’s Altar of Betelgeuze has apparently been practicing the style since 2010, and Among

The Replicate – A Selfish Dream Review

2017. I can’t help but expect a shit show from the world, given 2016’s wonton flinging of excrement at any critically minded human being, but we are not here to belabor the obvious, politically. We

Darkrypt – Delirious Excursion Review

17For a little-known band from India, Darkrypt is getting quite the push. The band’s debut, Delirious Excursion, was mixed by Dave Chandler at Priory Recording Studios in the U.K. and mastered by Dan Swano at

Drug Honkey – Ghost In The Fire Review

Fundamentally speaking, there are two types of drug honkeys. There are those that prefer to go up, that get high to get higher and faster, and there are those looking to go down. This Drug

The Dead – Ritual Executions Review

Welcome back to Cappy’s Guttural Grotto of Cavemanic Barbarity…of Death…Metal: A harsh landscape where huge, percolating tar pits swallow triggered drums and corrupt glossy sheens with abscesses spurting syrupy filth. A primal terrain where Raw