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Hooray And Thanksgivings For The Good Shit

You don’t need us to tell you what kind of year 2020 has been. It’s not like this misery came out of nowhere, but 2020 upped the shit-ante like shit-Batman smashing the shit-vase. With this

Unexpect – Fables Of The Sleepless Empire Review

Originally written by Rae Amitay Unexpect is a six-piece Canadian crew that plays a hybrid of pretty much every genre of metal, combined with electro, jazz, funk, ambient, noise, neo-classical, and about a dozen more

00s Essentials – Volume Six

Somewhat fittingly, Volume 6 contains some of the most sinister, diabolical concoctions this decade has seen. This edition of the 100 Most Essential contains some wickedly twisted stuff, but tempers the assault with some calming

Unexpect – In A Flesh Aquarium Review

Originally written by Jeremy Garner It finally happened. With as much experience as I’ve had with extreme metal, with as many bands as I’ve heard and as many albums I own, I’ve finally found a