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Sulphur Aeon – Gateway To The Antisphere Review

German deathers Sulphur Aeon did something neat with their full length debut, 2013’s Swallowed by the Ocean’s Tide – they pulled from all over the place without going overboard in any single area. Bombastic, blasting,

Arstidir Lifsins – Aldafoðr Ok Munka Dróttinn Review

How effective is narrative art if one can’t follow the narrative? For music as richly textual as Arstidir Lifsins’s, the question is hardly academic. On the (mostly) German band’s third album, passages of sweeping, majestic

Crom Dubh – Heimweh Review

Some flowers take a very long time to blossom. Such is the case with Heimweh, the full length debut from London’s Crom Dubh, which comes over a decade into the band’s existence. This is not

Urfaust – Apparitions Review

Apparitions by UrfaustWell, I don’t imagine this one will go a hell of a lot of distance with the ol’ Urfaust casual listener. Then again, these two dudes have basically made a life of sneaking

Dread Sovereign – All Hell’s Martyrs Review

Alan “Nemtheanga” Averill sure is having himself a time. His work in the godly Primordial should need no introduction, but he also found a winning black metal formula with Blood Revolt and a bit of

The Ruins Of Beverast – Blood Vaults: The Blazing Gospel Of Heinrich Kramer Review

Alexander von Meilenwald, sole originator, songwriter and performer of all instruments for The Ruins of Beverast is the most creative artist in black metal today. Before examining his latest work, a brief overview of his

Attic – The Invocation Review

Birth in a cemetery or GTFO. One of the key factors any long-time fan of King Diamond will quickly highlight when attempting to explain their indestructible enthusiasm for the man’s varied works is the inherent

Year Of The Goat – Angels’ Necropolis Review

Originally written by Matt Longo First things first: I will not abbreviate Year of the Goat as YOG, as appears on their Facebook page and elsewhere, because YOG is some badass grinding Swiss chaos who