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Enslaved – Utgard Review

The greatest artists tap into something beyond themselves and speak elemental truths from everyday syllables. Certainly in the case of music, the presence of a sympathetic or at least engaged listener helps to close the

Enslaved – E Review

I hated Vertebrae for nine years. Unless you’ve been a part of the LR crew, you probably weren’t privy to that particular tidbit. And now that you are aware, it’s quite likely that you don’t really

Sons Of Crom – Riddle Of Steel Review

It’s funny how directly imitating a unique, legendary band can lead to wide variety of reactions among both critics and fans. There aren’t a lot of Meshuggah clones out there that have gotten more than

A Devil’s Dozen – Bathory

In terms of both creative achievement and scope of influence, Bathory is rivaled by only the most revered names in metal. Despite spending its entire career in relative (and to an extent self-imposed) obscurity, Bathory’s

Ereb Altor – Gastrike Review

Originally written by Matt Longo As I imported Gastrike into iTunes, the genre came up as “Viking Doom Metal”, when their last album The End registers as “Epic Viking Doom Metal”… so what does this

Unleashed – Odalheim Review

Since his unceremonious ouster from the seminal Nihilist, Johnny Hedlund has led Unleashed through eleven studio albums in twenty-three years. They’ve always consciously stood a few steps away from their Swedish compatriots – avoiding the

Helheim – Heiðindómr Ok Mótgangr Review

Assuming that one was ever able to stomach grown men tromping around in full-on chain mail, constantly poised as if to spring from the bow of a longboat and onto the unspoiled shores of a

Amon Amarth – Surtur Rising Review

posted on 3/2011   By: Erik Thomas Above death and taxes, there are a few unwavering certainties for me in life: I will always love blowjobs, I will always love the New Orleans Saints, and I will always