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Vintersorg – Orkan Review

Originally written by Rae Amitay Vintersorg went Avatar: The Last Airbender with his latest creative pursuit,  a four-album concept with each record taking on a classical element (Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water). Nipping at the

Vintersorg – Jordpuls Review

In the course of a decade and a half, Andreas Hedlund has positioned himself alongside the Akerfeldts and Ihsahns of the world by creating extreme music at the vanguard. For many, that means his art

Vintersorg – Solens Rötter Review

Originally written by Jason Jordan. While not a true return to form, Vintersorg’s sixth full-length Solens Rötter (The Roots of the Sun) has more in common with earlier albums Till Fjälls and Ödemarkens Son than anything released since. As a matter of

Fission – Crater Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas Honestly, what would you expect a project formed by Vintersorg drummer Benny Hägglund (who also plays guitars and bass for this outfit) and aided by Vintersorg (vocals, FX-AKA Andreas Hedlund)

Vintersorg – The Focusing Blur Review

Originally written by Ian Dreilinger. Being as huge an advocate for genre melding as I am, it’s rare that I find a musician with a very forward thinking mentality and enough talent to back up