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Last Rites Presents: Our Most Anticipated Albums Of 2024, Part 1

Happy Monday, friends, we hope the week without us wasn’t too difficult on you. [Ron Howard: “It wasn’t.”] As a team, we needed a bit of a recharge from writing our 2023 listicles and reading/deliberating/screaming

Afterbirth – In But Not Of Review

[Cover art by Alex Eckman Lawn] Metal is at an interesting nexus at the moment. When else in time could four lads born after The Sound Of Perseverance, a quartet of slightly more seasoned musicians from South America,

Devangelic – Xul Review

[Cover art by Nick Keller] “THERE IS NO DANA, THERE IS ONLY ZUUL!” Sure, Devangelic spell it a little differently for album number four, and while they aren’t busting any ghosts on Xul, they do bust

An Abstract Illusion – Woe Review

[Cover art by Adam Burke] This is an allusion, Michael! To describe an album as interesting can be damning for some people. It can equate to introducing a stranger as having a great personality. You

Katharos – Of Lineages Long Forgotten Review

[Cover Art by Elinor Kantor] As someone who has relapsed into a full-tilt addiction to video games, it is fascinating to find all the different types of YouTube videos that exist to discuss aspects of

Hath – All That Was Promised Review

[Cover art by Adam Burke] BIG There is no shortage of styles of music or bands that want to make their songs feel and sound big. Common approaches to doing so include adding orchestral elements,

Cognos – Cognos Review

One of the perks of writing reviews is that you end up being exposed to a great number of oddities in the heavy music world. Among the pile of 700 OSDM records that come out

Cathexis – Untethered Abyss Review

Tech-death is a monster with many forms. Sometimes the monster takes the form of a juggernaut, come to bludgeon you to death with brute strength, its fists the size of asteroids attached to arms with