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Suffer – Grand Canvas Of The Aesthete Review

[Cover art by Ettore Aldo del Vigo] Scenes like heavy metal tend to be rather incestuous. I don’t mean the kind that all the adult sites are such big fans of these days, but rather

Graveripper – Seasons Dreaming Death Review

[Cover art by Adam Burke] Have you ever wondered what it would be like to careen down a mountain on a bike only one day after feeling confident enough to remove your training wheels? Or

Missing Pieces: The Best Of What We Missed In 2023 So Far, Pt. 1

Have you ever noticed how much music just rules? (Well, most of it, anyway.) We here at Last Rites World Headquarters And Lawnmower Repair Emporium certainly have. We’ve dedicated our every waking moment to listening

Krigsgrav – Fires In The Fall Review

[Cover Art by Cameron Hinojosa] “Fires in the Fall? It’s June, you big dummy!” For some of you, releasing a warm black metal album best suited for sitting in solitude next to a roaring fire

Mother Of Graves – Where The Shadows Adorn Review

There’s a time for everything. The time for Mother Of Graves is now, in a few senses. In the broadest one, the time is now because it feels like this young band is rapidly gaining

Wraith, Black Knife, Graveripper, Unholy Night: Faster Than The Fucking Devil Split Review

For all the movies, preachers and shaky old grannies in the world that have tried to paint the devil as the greatest threat to all of humanity, there sure do seem to be plenty of

Turian – No Longer Human Review

Gremlins are such delightful vicious little creatures. They’re decked out with spikey spines, gnarly teeth and razor-sharp claws. Despite their small stature, they wreak unimaginable havoc regardless of whether they are rolling solo are acting

Bloodletter – Malignancy Review

Fast Rites: because sometimes brevity is fundamental. “Resist my rule and meet my axe!” That line from “Skullsplitter” might as well be Bloodletter’s motto moving forward. Partying or railing against societal ills is all well