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Zach Duvall’s Top 20 of 2010

What a year… I don’t know if I just paid more attention in 2010 due to free time or if this much stuff really did blow me away, but I never remember listening to and

Jordan Campbell’s Top 20 of 2010

2010 was a weird year. While there was a ton of heavy metal for the taking (the disparate lists of my colleagues will attest to this), I didn’t really have much time to digest it.

Woe – Quietly, Undramatically Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell A consistent thread has been running throughout black metal culture since its inception: A perpetual crisis of identity. Not artistically, of course, but it terms of presentation. Somehow, somewhere, it

Woe – A Spell For The Death Of Man Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell The realization strikes quickly; A Spell For The Death of Man is an atypical force. The haunting, oddly naked guitar that opens the record–perfectly painted in the “Solitude” referenced in the track’s