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Grisly – The Spectral Wars Review

Another month, another Rogga Johansson album to review… And like the rest, this one’s a Swedish death metal album… Who would’ve expected that? * For this debut from his new outfit Grisly, Johansson The Swedeath

Ribspreader – The Van Murders Part 2 Review

Axl Rose famously took a decade to complete Guns N’ Roses’ comeback album, Chinese Democracy.  By contrast, in the first six full months of 2018, Rogga Johansson will have released five full-length albums… and an

The Grotesquery – The Lupine Anathema Review

As usual, it looks like Rogga Johansson has been a busy little beaver… Sweden’s one-man death metal factory, Rogga has two albums coming out soon, this fourth effort from The Grotesquery and also the fourth

Cruentator – Ain’t War Hell? Review

Hey, I like Kreator as much as the next guy… But maybe not as much as Cruentator likes Kreator. Cruentator likes Kreator like Jimmy Page likes old blues guys. Cruentator likes Kreator like Gus Van