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Valborg – Romantik Review

After a few albums that mixed their signature doom/death/dark-plus-Celtic Frost-on-an-80s-goth-binge metal with some wondrous throws out of left field, Germany’s Valborg delivered an album that was, well, rather straightforward in 2012’s Nekrodepression. Of course, it

Owl – The Last Walk Review

Zeitgeister Music, that German label/family of bands that thrills as many metal fans as it befuddles, always seems to have one band in that “nailin’ it” groove at any given time. For a while, it

Klabautamann – The Old Chamber Review

At one point early in my collegiate career, I was in art school. I never much bought into the philosophical / existential / post-modern side of all of it (I did gain a keen sense

Owl – Owl Review

Owl is the latest project to emerge from the ever productive and continually brilliant German label (and family of bands) Zeitgeister. This particular project is the brainchild of Christian Kolf (Island, Valborg, Woburn House), who

Valborg – Crown Of Sorrow Review

Somewhere out in the nebulous immensity of the cosmos, directly on the curve between fabrication and factuality, floats a land inhabited by the peculiar cerebral offspring of the three eccentrics who make up Deutschland’s purveyors

Valborg – Glorification Of Pain Review

Every once in a while an album comes along that isn’t necessarily groundbreaking, but also doesn’t conveniently fit into any particular genre or sub-genre. A good example of this was Gojira’s From Mars to Sirius, which