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Opeth – Watershed Review

Dave Pirtle’s take: As one of only two remaining staffers from the historic Ghost Reveries review, I felt somewhat obligated to offer my two cents on Watershed. I even went back and reread my review of

Testament – The Formation Of Damnation Review

Madman’s take: What a long strange trip it’s been for Testament to get to this point. It started back in 1999 with the release of The Gathering, a snarling beast of a thrash album that was

High On Fire – Death Is This Communion Review

Jim Brandon’s take: The onslaught of metal I’ve withstood in the past 16 months as a member of this staff has taken its toll, and as a result, there are very few albums released over

Iced Earth – Framing Armageddon Review

Dave Pirtle’s take: I’m not really much for concept albums. It’s not that I don’t like them, I just don’t get all wrapped up in the story. Sure, I can appreciate the stories behind albums

Megadeth – United Abominations Review

Jim Brandon’s take: By now, it’s pretty clear that most people know what they want and don’t want when it comes to Megadeth. Through vodka and heroin-enhanced brilliance, to groundbreaking technical wizardry, to introspective exercising

Minsk – The Ritual Fires Of Abandonment Review

Jim Brandon’s take: Change is essential for progression, even if the foundation remains the same. For instance, the lead-off track to The Ritual Fires Of Abandonment by my Chicago neighbors Minsk, instantly separates itself from

Jesu – Conqueror Review

Ian Chainey’s take: Metalgaze? So, that’s what we’re calling this now? Okay, sure, Justin Broadrick’s recent riffs are comparable to a slowed down “Only Shallow” being played through Type O Negative‘s amps. I get that.

Arsis – United In Regret Review

Ramar Pittance’s take: When Arsis released A Celebration of Guilt in 2004, I bit so hard I nearly shattered every tooth in my mouth and liquefied my gums. With melodeath a long dead horse still