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Enslaved – Ruun Review

Matthew Cooper’s take: More often than not, the word “progressive” is used as a locator, a sonic line of demarcation, rather than an actual meaningful descriptor. The word is tailor made for Enslaved, a band

Abysmal Dawn – From Ashes Review

Chris Sessions’ take: Better. SO much better. Aiden and Surrender of Divinity kind of took a little of my love for the job down the fucking toilet with the rest of the indigestible artificial additives

In Flames – Come Clarity Review

Dave Pirtle’s take: Good news – this ain’t Soundtrack To Your Escape Bad news – this ain’t The Jester Race And you know what? You just might like it anyway. I’ve already seen this album called a

Children Of Bodom – Are You Dead Yet? Review

Ramar Pittance’s take: I’m supposed to be outraged by this? Ugh, I think people drastically overestimate Children of Bodom, that’s the problem. I think they saw an artistic glimmer in those early albums, and now they’re

Opeth – Ghost Reveries Review

Jason Jordan’s take: Unless you’ve never even heard of the Internet, you know what’s going on within the Opeth camp. They’re signed to Roadrunner Records, their latest offering is titled Ghost Reveries, and it leaked about a month

Winds – The Imaginary Direction Of Time Review

Ryan Plunkett’s take: Some albums you come across, you cannot just simply pop them in and listen to a track or two. The Imaginary Direction of Time, the latest offering from progressive Norwegian metalers Winds,

Arcturus – The Sham Mirrors Review

Jon Eardley’s take: When I hear the term “experimental metal” tossed around the scene on various metal web sites and on various metal message boards and in various reviews of metal music, I immediately think