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Metallica’s “Orion”: A Love Letter To An Immaculate Song, And An Ode To An Impossible Album

Dear “Orion”, I have put off writing this letter for too long. But I feel compelled now to speak my heart to you, to express my love for you, and to praise you as the

Diamonds & Rust: Tygers Of Pan Tang – Wild Cat Vs. Spellbound

Music of any kind is not just the sounds you hear. The intangibles matter. The context matters. No one will understand exactly why I love Harry Nilsson’s The Point, and I don’t expect anyone to,

Power Ages Well: Forty Years Of AC/DC’s Finest Hour

[On May 5, 1978, AC/DC released the almighty Powerage, their fifth album. Forty years later, we’d like to talk about it.] With all due respect to the likes of Back in Black and Highway to Hell,