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White Wizzard – Flying Tigers Review

It’s a given that everything new borrows and steals from the old, and while this platitude ought to liberate us critics from the tiresome debate over authenticity versus pastiche, there’s enough of a difference between

Esoteric – Paragon Of Dissonance Review

Funeral doom is, in most appreciable ways, a niche within a niche. Forcing the listener to bear witness to a cripplingly slow march to oblivion is not, it must be said, the easiest way to

Megadeth – Thirteen Review

The narrative arc of Megadeth’s career over the past decade has been your standard, steady upward climb from a series of miscalculations and baldly embarrassing albums. With their career arguably hitting a soul-deflating nadir with

Lonely Kamel – Dust Devil Review

Norway’s Lonely Kamel is clearly on a mission to play against type, eager to prove with this, the band’s third album, that if Americans can ply the frost-bittenest of black metal from some of the

Vintage Hallows – Iced Earth

Yes, Iced Earth’s 2001 album Horror Show is probably as obvious a choice for a Halloween album as one could ever hope to find, but here’s the thing: it’s also a pretty kickass heavy metal record. Having capped

Shub Niggurath – A Deadly Call From The Stars Review

Shub Niggurath (the name’s from Lovecraft, and I shall make no other comment) is the project of longtime member of The Chasm Julio Viterbo, and despite having been active since the late 80s, A Deadly

Falloch – Where Distant Spirits Remain Review

Probably the last thing a new band dropping its debut album needs is a nagging clamor of snickering and hand-wringing from such an incessant bunch of dashing and affable sweethearts jerks as metal writers, but

Hammers Of Misfortune – 17th Street Review

Turbulent times make for desperate and inspired art. Whether it’s the Vietnam War informing Hendrix’s guitar screaming out the national anthem in gestures of agony and bomb blasts, or the dismal economic and political climate