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Rhapsody of Fire – Symphony of Enchanted Lands II – The Dark Secret Review

Rhapsody is a band so gloriously over the top that a new label had to be created just for them – Hollywood Metal. Never before has that label been more appropriate than on their latest

Saxon – Lionheart Review

Ahhhh, Saxon. So many years under that belt. In the right (or wrong?) light, frontman Biff Byford looks like the walking dead. Just what exactly keeps the old dogs running so long? Black Sabbath, Judas

The Heavils – Heavilution Review

On their debut effort, The Heavils established themselves as a wacky band that could bring the mosh. With this sophomore album, they assert that point once again by cranking up the heaviness and rubbing your

Astarte – Sirens Review

Astarte is three really hot chicks plus what seems to be some session dude on drums. There, I got it out of the way. Now on with the review! Astarte play black metal in that

Soulfly – Prophecy Review

Prophecy is the fourth and latest album from Max Cavalera’s post-Sepultura project, Soulfly. Armed with a whole new cast of musicians, including ex-Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson on half of the tracks, Max has delivered the

Pro-Pain – Fistful of Hate Review

Another year, another Pro-Pain album. These guys keep putting out albums about as regularly as Iron Maiden albums get reissued. That’s not a complaint, just an observation. Now calling Candlelight Records their home both stateside

UFO – You Are Here Review

UFO is a band that really needs no introduction, but I’ll give a brief one anyway. Formed in 1969 by vocalist Phil Mogg, drummer Andy Parker, guitarist Mick Bolton, and bassist Pete Way, they immediately

Tarot – Suffer Our Pleasures Review

Tarot is a Finnish power metal band originally formed in the mid-80s. After achieving a small degree of success throughout the 90s, particularly in Japan, they just sort of dissipated, with the members going on