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Setherial – Ekpyrosis Review

originally written by Erik Thomas Much like other 2010 black metal releases by the likes of Necronomicon, Thulcandra, Ragnarok, Nyseius and even respected veterans like Dark Funeral and 1349, the sixth studio album from Sweden’s Setherial isn’t going to change the face

Leng Tch’e – Hypomanic Review

After nearly a decade now, Leng Tch’e is still something of an overlooked factor in the grindcore world. While they’ve blasted their way through five solid records, garnering positive reviews with every step along the

Jameson Raid – Just As The Dust Has Settled Review

My love for metallic historical treasure-hunting is well-documented, but this band eluded me for a long time. In my late-night internet scourings, it’s been only within the last year or two that I ran across

Serpent’s Knight – Silent Knight… Of Myth And Destiny Review

I’m a collector, one of those obsessive types who has to at least hear every scrap of music he possibly can, if only to know not to hear it again. Over time, I’ve given up

Tarot – Gravity Of Light Review

For anyone keeping track of Finnish metal, Tarot bassist / vocalist Marco Hietala is also a member of operatic metallers Nightwish. Like Nightwish, Tarot sports a pristine production and an epic expanse, and in pompous

Cardiac Arrest – Haven For The Insane Review

Chicago death metal act Cardiac Arrest drops their third full-length in Haven For The Insane, the band’s first for Ibex Moon. Founded by Incantation mastermind John McEntee, Ibex Moon has consistently released underground death metal

Fuck The Facts – Disgorge Mexico: The DVD Review

Over the course of a decade, Fuck The Facts has easily become one of the most interesting bands in grindcore and arguably one of the most interesting outfits in all of extreme metal. Starting off

Leng Tch’e – Hypomanic Discussion

Belgian grinders Leng Tch’e are set to release their fifth full-length in June, the blistering Hypomanic. Even with a new vocalist, a new drummer and a new record label, Hypomanic is happily just bashing and blasting business-as-usual for these self-proclaimed “razorgrinders.”  Metal Review had the quick opportunity