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Xandria – Kill The Sun (Reissue) Review

Kill the Sun is a re-release of Xandria’s debut LP, introduced originally in 2003, and is just one of three (from among four) of their long players reissued for North America by Artoffact Records in

Valkyrja – Contamination Review

Three years after the release of their debut and just nine months following its reissue from new label, Metal Blade, Valkyrja lay upon us ten new tracks of infective Swedish black metal in Contamination. Whereas

Enthral – Spiteful Dirges Review

Last time Enthral gave the metal world anything at all to talk about was in 2003 when they unleashed their third LP, Subterranean Movement, which was an unheralded but no less kick ass mash up

Siegfried – Nibelung Review

What I expected when I signed up to review Siegfried’s new album, Nibelung, was an interminable hour or so of intolerable symphonic pablum in the guise of a metal album. What I got instead was

Enochian Theory – Evolution: Creatio Ex Nihilio Review

Enochian Theory are an enigmatic bunch. They prefer to leave their art open to interpretation – everything from the band name to the lyrics and concept behind their new album. Fittingly, Evolution: Creatio Ex Nihilio,

CoeXistence – Carrion Comfort Review

Coexistence began as an internet collaboration between a dude in France and another in Sweden, who wrote and then shared (emailed) pieces of the songs that ultimately came to comprise Carrion Comfort, their demo EP.

Witches Mark – A Grim Apparition Review

Witches Mark’ s debut EP, A Grim Apparition, features the sort of kickass cover art that would have had me buying it blind back in the day. Fortunately, the music contained therein avoids the cursed

John Ray’s Top 20 Of 2009

First, my apologies for being so late with this.  Thing is, I spent the last couple of weeks battling an upper respiratory infection and simultaneous nasal staph infection.  If you’ve never had the pleasure of