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Between The Buried And Me – The Great Misdirect Review

Quite a few people are all fired up about Between the Buried and Me for very different reasons.  Again. For many, the quintet’s fifth album proper, The Great Misdirect, represents the latest gospel from on

Sinister Realm -Sinister Realm Review

I’ve found little in the world of music that compares with a new band that makes old music sound as vibrant and fresh as Sinister Realm’s self-titled debut. If you’ve any doubt as to this

The Chasm – Farseeing The Paranormal Abysm Review

“Entering a Superior Realm” begins with light tremolo woven into an ephemeral crescendo with alternating iridescent horns, as if to usher in the slow rise of a silvery sun across the crescent horizon of a

Struck By Lightning – Serpents Review

According to the National Lightning Safety Institute, the odds of being struck by lightning in a given year are one in 280,000.  The odds of being struck sometime during an eighty year lifespan?  Still one

Kowloon Walled City – Gambling On The Richter Scale Review

No other label captures the essence of its genre’s sound quite the way Sludge does.  It’s as if somebody took life’s anger and frustration and despair and mashed it all up into a great ball

Weapon – Drakonian Paradigm Review

There’s just something indescribably appealing about a band that makes metal clean of artifice, and Weapon are about as sincere a band as has ever been amassed.  Treating their moniker as a functional directive, this

Southern Cross – Down Below Review

Southern Cross is a group of young Québécois who play power-ish progressive metal. They have managed in about five years time to move from tribute band to legitimate up-and-comers warming up for stalwarts such as

Porcupine Tree – The Incident Review

So, what were you expecting from the new Porcupine Tree release? Based on the last few albums, it would have been safe to assume that the band would continue on its most successful formula to