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The Proglodyte’s Bonepile – Nnngh. Keys baaaaad!!!

This is The Proglodyte’s Bonepile, a place for words about progressive heavy metal music. Thanks for being here. I like all metals, really, but my bippy is most reliably and thoroughly flipped by the progressive

Spirit Descent – Seven Chapters In A Minor Review

Doom must cringe a little whenever somebody calls some rendition of it progressive. Of course, doom can be done with progressive flair, but the idea that it can be pushed, pulled, dragged outside its boundaries

OSI – Fire Make Thunder Review

OSI was born when Jim Matheos (Fates Warning, Arch/Matheos) sent Kevin Moore (ex-Dream Theater) some rough tracks he’d laid down as part of some idea-making for a prog-metal side project between Fates Warning albums. Matheos

Lord Mantis – Pervertor Review

Good hygiene is important; it’s a sign of maturity and, more basically, evolutionary fitness. Society expects cleanliness. But for some of us, that primal little devil inside who so enjoyed flinging us headlong into mud

Titular Homogeneity – The Wizard

Titular Homogeneity is all about tracing themes through Heavy Metal via their simplest index: song titles. So far epithetical anger, The Devil’s Holiday, and Prince Prospero’s folly have been examined. This time the focus is on one of

Syven – Aikaintaite Review

When a musical work evokes the weight of natural processes in geologic time, it inevitably exposes impotence in the words used to describe it. Allowing for the difficulty of the written word to reach back

Titular Homogeneity – Masque Of The Red Death

So many horror fiction writers have served to inspire heavy metal music.  Lovecraft gets the obvious nod, but the works of Edgar Allan Poe, too, have had a great impact on the genre.  He was,

Redemption – This Mortal Coil Review

Redemption’s strength has always lain in the band’s willingness to embrace all the wonders of the prog metal palette without ever fully succumbing to the subgenre’s insatiable appetite for wonkiness. Their focus has always been