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Wino – Adrift Review

Unfortunately, too many folks associate acoustic records with the Unplugged series, MTV’s dressing-up of the network’s most lucrative acts’ most marketable songs in the guise of intimate restylings. Early on, Gen Xers snarfed up the

Bruce Lamont – Feral Songs For The Epic Decline Review

Bruce Lamont’s first solo LP, Feral Songs of the Epic Decline, is actually a compilation of prior EP’s, Feral (2008) and The Epic Decline (2010). Together, they represent Lamont’s foray into sonic exploration as respite

James LaBrie – Static Impulse Review

One gets the sense listening to James Labrie sing that he takes his work very seriously. Not so much the pinpoint-focused craftsman, nor the humorless artisan, but just that he lets no sung note hit

John Ray’s Top 20 Of 2010

I’ve seen a lot of folks talking about how weird 2010 has been.  And how shitty.  I don’t know how I feel about it yet, except that it went too fucking fast.  Or maybe not

Angra – Aqua Review

I’ve always been supremely weirded out by those folks in church that sing their songs with fervent clenched-eyelid passion, hands raised to the heavens and slowly swaying. I’ve simply never been willing to drink enough

Borean Dusk – Borean Dusk Review

It’s been said many times that vocals represent something of a fulcrum in heavy metal music. Lo! how many times we’ve relegated to the shelf an otherwise quality album because the vocals render sallow even

Triosphere – The Road Less Travelled Review

Even if all the opportunistic carbon-copy acts in heavy metal’s recent history leave you less than excited about throwback sounds, it’s hard to deny the retro appeal when those sounds reflect a heartfelt bond with

Slavemason – Slavemason Review

Slavemason’s debut LP seems to have all the elements necessary to a successful progressive heavy metal record. It’s formed from a prog-metal mold mostly akin to early Queensrÿche and Helloween, with maybe a bit of