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Angra – Aqua Review

I’ve always been supremely weirded out by those folks in church that sing their songs with fervent clenched-eyelid passion, hands raised to the heavens and slowly swaying. I’ve simply never been willing to drink enough

Borean Dusk – Borean Dusk Review

It’s been said many times that vocals represent something of a fulcrum in heavy metal music. Lo! how many times we’ve relegated to the shelf an otherwise quality album because the vocals render sallow even

Triosphere – The Road Less Travelled Review

Even if all the opportunistic carbon-copy acts in heavy metal’s recent history leave you less than excited about throwback sounds, it’s hard to deny the retro appeal when those sounds reflect a heartfelt bond with

Slavemason – Slavemason Review

Slavemason’s debut LP seems to have all the elements necessary to a successful progressive heavy metal record. It’s formed from a prog-metal mold mostly akin to early Queensrÿche and Helloween, with maybe a bit of

Zuul – Out Of Time Review

Zuul is denim and leather, white high-tops and thigh-tied bandanas. This nostalgic quintet calls Carbondale home, but their debut LP, Out of Time makes the more accurate reference to where they live: on the waning

Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier Review

The Number of the Beast was the first heavy metal album I ever bought (on cassette from Fred Meyer’s at Lloyd Center Mall in Portland, Oregon, during the summer of 1982). Even though Iron Maiden

Vanden Plas – The Seraphic Clockwork Review

Vanden Plas has never had any problem establishing their bona fides. They are excellent musicians that write excellent songs. The only obvious complaint about their approach (outside those about prog metal, in general) has been

Hammers Of Misfortune – The August Engine Review

Having clicked on the link for this review, the chances are pretty good you already know Hammers of Misfortune’s The August Engine. Likely you’ve even read a good selection of other reviews over the album’s