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Lair Of The Minotaur – Evil Power Review

First things first: I have always considered myself to be a fan of Lair of the Minotaur. Their first three full-lengths brought no-bullshit, balls-heavy, metal-to-the-bone, sludged-up thrashness, especially 2006’s fuckawesome The Ultimate Destroyer. They were never primed

An Autumn For Crippled Children – Lost Review

There appears to be a full-swing trend within several metal styles that sees bands focusing as much on mood as they do on fury, virtuosity, or the complexity of their arrangements. Sometimes that mood is

Rusted Dawn – The Black Tides Of War Review

Hailing from New Brunswick, Rusted Dawn are a modern thrash act with a penchant for aggression and punkish tendencies. Although somewhat lacking in the refinement and maturity departments, debut full-length The Black Tides of War

Negura Bunget – Maiestrit Review

When bands choose to re-record classic albums or songs, the flags start flying. Is it just for a quick buck? Are they hyping some revamped lineup? Is someone being intentionally shut out of royalties? These

Ereb Altor – The End Review

Ereb Altor were originally conceived back in the glory years of 1990, likely as soon as these two friends (also members of Isole) finished listening to Bathory’s Hammerheart for the first time. The End is

Dark Tranquillity – We Are The Void Review

Dark Tranquillity, Gothenburg’s most consistent sons, return with full length number nine. When discussing their extensive melodic death metal history, most fans agree that the band has peaked twice, first with The Gallery, an undisputed

Varg – Blutaar Review

Varg, meaning wolf in both Swedish and Norwegian (it isn’t just the taken name of an infamous killer/musician), hail from neither country, but rather from Bavaria, Germany. This pagan/black metal unit recently signed to and

The Wounded Kings – The Shadow Over Atlantis Review

How does one form an individualistic style without betraying the music which you hold dear? This is an eternal dilemma for musicians of all styles, with metal being no different. In truth, there really isn’t