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Nuke – Nuke Review

Somewhere along the anthropological evolution of metal, way back there in the mid 60s, in the city of Detroit, resides the MC5. A band full of Motor City grit, shotguns, a whole bunch of drugs


Dawn of Disease – Worship the Grave Review

Again, we come upon an important realization: death metal, even when trite, boring, derivative, etc., is still terrific. That’s why death metal has always been my favorite sub-genre of metal. Sure, many bands today are


Black Fucking Cancer – Black Fucking Cancer Review

A band that doesn’t pull any fucking punches, Black Fucking Cancer hail from the Bay Fucking Area of California. They create chaotic, crust riddled, sludgy black fucking metal with plenty of death and thrash fucking


Waxen – Weihung Auf Satan

Despite his mastery of the German language (huge assumption here), Waxen is actually a solo project of an America: multi-instrumentalist Toby Knapp from Sheridan, Wyoming. Given the name “Toby Knapp” and the location of Wyoming


Be’Lakor – Vessels Review

For those of you who indulge in World of Warcraft (turns out it’s actually Warhammer), the name Be’lakor will likely mean something to you. He may be the original Daemon Prince raised up by the


Gevurah – Hallelujah! Review

True, dark spirituality is not often found within black metal. Sure, bands like to posture that they are Satanists while the vast majority of them probably don’t even know what that actually means. Basically, there’s


Ygfan – Köd Review

Face it, hosers: 2016 has not been a great year for black metal thus far. Fans of the genre have been left grasping at straws to find something worth listening to. Sure, there have been


Zealotry – The Last Witness Review

Aside from a child quietly gestating inside the warm confines of its mother’s womb, it would be hard to say anyone, or anything, has had a better nine months than Phillipe Tougas (aka Pat Tougas).