Purtenance – Paradox of Existence EP Review

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For a band that’s been around since essentially 1989, Purtenance has released a surprisingly sparse amount of material. In fact, between 1992 and 2012 they released exactly 0 new tracks. Zero. Zilch. And, aside from two original members (Tero Aalto and Simo Rouvinen) the lineup has been anything but stable. But there’s good news here, after a long hiatus, and then two full-lengths dropped in relatively quick succession, Purtenance is about to release an EP that is, well, really, really fucking solid.

Release date: September 12, 2017.
Label: Xtreem Music.
Featuring some of their most vicious material to date, Paradox of Existence is a 4-track, nearly 19-minute experience full of old school death metal done in the way that only the Finns seem to understand. Pacing is brisk, guitar solos are whiny, speedy, and catchy. Vocals are of the deep, guttural and rhythmic type. Despite how that may seem, the tracks are actually more diverse than I’m letting on.

The opener is the energetic–nearly a five-minute long kick in the tuchas. “Vicious Seeds of Mortality” is more of a Grave-esque track opening more slowly and proceeding to apply riffs dripping with Cannabidiol-laced honey. The title track, placed third (the fourth track is a brief, near death-grind affair) separates itself from the pack using catchy rhythms, near breakdowns and plenty of crunching, beefcake-style riffs. Essentially protein-packed whey isolate for your metal soul.


Spin this one with confidence. Spin it frequently. But please be aware that it may shatter any glass within a 15-yard radius. Last Rites and Purtenance will not be held liable for your broken glassware.

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  1. Good stuff. Hopefully they can release a full length that matches this in quality.


    1. They have three full albums. Member of Immortal Damnation is supposed to be a minor Finnish death classic (I’ve never heard it).


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