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Nekromantheon – Divinity of Death Review

This pack of Norwegian heathens hit my radar in a big way with their recent split with Audiopain. The frenetic, fists flyin’ “Annihilation Spree” was every bit a match for the mighty (and sadly underrated) Audiopain. That

Audiopain / Nekromantheon – Split EP Review

With the stack of promos at waist height, we usually wouldn’t get around to a two-track split, but when the name Audiopain comes across my desk, I take notice.  These Norwegian heshers have been dealing

Audiopain – The Switch To Turn Off Mankind Review

originally written by Chris McDonald WARNING: The goal of Audiopain’s music is to messily and painfully shred the facial features off of unprepared listeners with sonic tidal waves of thrash brutality and complete, unadulterated metalness. If