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Cardiac Arrest – The Day That Death Prevailed Review

That snuggly blanket you wrap around yourself at night with your glass of red wine or hot cocoa. That ice cold tea or frosty beer that you always enjoy on the back porch after you

Cardiac Arrest – Vortex Of Violence Review

Chicago death metal act Cardiac Arrest returns with Vortex Of Violence, their second album for Incantation mainstay John McEntee’s Ibex Moon Records. This band isn’t particularly known for expansionism or subtlety, so what you get

Cardiac Arrest – Haven For The Insane Review

Chicago death metal act Cardiac Arrest drops their third full-length in Haven For The Insane, the band’s first for Ibex Moon. Founded by Incantation mastermind John McEntee, Ibex Moon has consistently released underground death metal