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Best Of 2020 – Manny-O-War: Ookami Wakusei

So here is where the introduction usually remembers how awful this past year was (is) and how it was only music that saved us from certain self-destruction. That feels kind of rote though doesn’t it?

Best Of 2020 – Captain: Caught Between A Bunch Of Hard Rock And Some Sad Faces

I spend a lot of time thinking about balance. We all do, to varying degrees, but I sometimes wonder if I think about balance more than the average human, and I occasionally suspect that this

Cardinal Wyrm – Devotionals Review

[Cover artwork by Kim Holm] If you’re lucky enough to have tremendous knee pain, back pain or other similar joint pain, then it also means you’re old enough to remember the 1990s. (I don’t want

Cardinal Wyrm – Cast Away Souls Review

Fear. And more specifically, fear of the unknown. That’s the big one. The single heaviest emotion that drives people to hide, drink, weep, not sleep, “see the light,” or, in a best case scenario, soldier

Cardinal Wyrm – Black Hole Gods Review

On the surface, Oakland, CA’s Cardinal Wyrm is a doom band cut from a similar cloth as ye Finnish acts of olde (and not-so-olde): Songs that primarily embrace loooong, marbled Rev Biz and Spiritus Mortis

Cardinal Wyrm – Another Holy Trinity Review

Take a good long look at that striking album cover… If I caught that piece hanging in a gallery somewhere, I would definitely stop and stare. I would stop, and I would stare, and I