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Intronaut - Fluid Existential Inversions

Intronaut – Fluid Existential Inversions Review

It’s interesting to watch something grow. I have a window box of Morning Glories outside my living room. They started out as tiny little seeds and then became an unruly mass of green vines and

Intronaut – Prehistoricisms Review

Originally written by Michael Roberts. Intronaut have always been a band on the peripheral for me. As impressive as their previous releases are, for some reason they haven’t stayed with me. I always felt these guys

Intronaut – Void Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas After the crushing, debut EP, Null from this supergroup of sorts (Intronautboasts members of Impaled, Anubis Rising and Uphill Battle), Void was definitely one of my most anticipated releases of the great CD explosion of August 22, 2006.