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Old Wainds – Nordraum Review

No other branch of heavy metal has seen more twists, turns, knots and other various amalgamations than black metal. Blame any number of its trailblazers’ glaring affinity for highfalutin’, or the fact that its root

Old Wainds – Where the Snows are Never Gone (Reissue) Review

There’s plenty room in my life for black metal that branches into all sorts of progressive styles, but by hell, I love kicking through the rude, crude face-on-fire variety when I’m in an ugly mood:

Old Wainds – Death Nord Kult Review

Today’s bands are doing a lot more than simply challenging the boundaries of black metal, they’re tormenting and beating the living hell out of it. Psychedelics, dulcimers, tin whistles, ambiance, mouth harps, didgeridoo’s and even