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U.D.O. – Game Over Review

Part of me wants to say something like “It’s surprising that, forty-something years into his career, Udo — and by extension U.D.O. — is still cranking out albums as good as Game Over and making

U.D.O. – Rev-Raptor Review

Consistency, thy name is Udo. For twenty-five years, under his eponymous faux-abbreviated band name, Udo Dirkschneider has cranked out a series of quality traditional metal records, thirteen of them now, all deeply rooted in the

U.D.O. – Dominator Review

Although his name will be rightfully forever prefaced with “former Accept vocalist,” metal veteran and Elmer Fudd lookalike Udo Dirkschneider has fronted this eponymous outfit since the late 1980s. With this twelfth record, he’s now