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Last Rites’ Facebook Albums Of The Week: April 14th – April 20th

“Album Of The Day” is a Last Rites Facebook feature we started whose purpose is quite straight-forward: highlight one album per day and say a few words about it. Understanding that not everyone chooses to

Last Rites’ Top EPs Of 2015 – Brilliance Through Brevity

Everyone is always eager to label any given year as “The Year of X.” It’s the year of the pitcher! The year of the veteran band! The year of deathcore’s end! The year of the

Vorum – Current Mouth Review

Vorum‘s brand-new EP spends exactly zero time fucking around. Not a single wasted riff, beat, break, yell, or solo; zero-point-goddamned-zero seconds of fucking around. From the first moment of “Angels Death” to the last squalling