Blood Worship – Death’s Omnipotence Review

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Sweden’s Blood Worship comes to you from the mind, guitar, and voice of Martin Andersson, also of Astrophobos. And if you’ve spent time with that band, you’ll know what to expect of debut EP Death’s Omnipotence: subzero, razor sharp melodic black metal in the Dissection or Dawn mold, cutting tremolo riffs and raspy-shrieks and all. (Of note: Andersson’s vocals are at least as strong as those of Astrophobos vocalist Mikael Broman.) The EP works best when it really pushes the tempo in one direction or the other. The ferocious “Rites of the Inner Shrine,” for example, hits the gas, loading the song with blasts and the sharpest of the release’s really sharp riffs. At the other end of the spectrum is the “Shadows Etched in Stone,” which drops the tempo and goes with swaying rhythms and sorrowful melodies before eventually exploding in a torrent of blasts. Not exactly a huge range of sounds, but enough to show that Blood Worship probably has what it takes to pull off a quality full length.

It’s a bit strange that Andersson would create a side project that is extremely similar to his main band, but the existence of Astrophobos doesn’t make Blood Worship seem superfluous. If anything, Death’s Omnipotence is a better release than Astrophobos’ last EP. It might be absolutely derivative type metal, but it’s a damn fine take on absolutely derivative type metal.


Release date: June 15, 2018. Label: Independent release.

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  1. fucking killer. icy melodic black metal. thanks for revealing this gem.


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